Our Principal is a member of International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists, Valuation is one of our code business, Absolute Value is a professional firm and is competent in providing valuation services to a range of clients.

Valuation services are, including but not limited to, business valuation, intangible assets, expected credit loss, financial instruments and tangible assets.

In addition to accessing our valuation reports in the context of acquiring or divesting assets or businesses, potential client seeks our assistance in:

• Preparing purchase price allocation reports for the purposes of booking intangible assets in their financial statements. In doing so, our clients are able to draw on our commercial experience to identify and value the material intangible assets.

• Providing a valuation report in the context of an employee share scheme or option plan.

• Preparing independent expert reports which assess whether a transaction is fair and reasonable for the purposes of takeovers, schemes of arrangement, compulsory acquisitions or acquisitions or disposals of a substantial asset.

Obtaining an objective, independent valuation is often in the best interests of all parties concerned, and you will come to respect our rigorous reviews, processes and methodologies incorporated in determining the value of the business in question – to the satisfaction of all.